Building a Thriving Out-of-School Time Workforce: What Would it Look Like if We Nailed It?

from the National AfterSchool Association
from Learning Heroes

Seizing Collective Will for Deep Investment in Equitable Pay

In order for providers to implement intentional, high quality programs that yield outcomes for young people, they must be designed and staffed by educators who are knowledgeable about the research and implications, able to incorporate that knowledge into real world activities for young people, and willing to do the labor intensive work for sometimes lower pay than an entry level employee working in retail. During Every Hour Counts Workforce Development Work Group meetings, intermediary leaders expressed frustration at the barriers they face as they work to create competitive job opportunities and staff up growing programs.

from Youth Development Executives of King County

Validating the Value of OST Expertise and Creating Pathways for Leaders of Color

There’s also a clear path forward emerging as leaders innovate to increase staff pay, draw a clear connection between expert staff and program quality, and provide support and pathways for educators in the OST sector. And if decision-makers, including funders, are receptive to deepening and reframing how they invest in quality, there’s also an opportunity to cede power to educators of color who look like and come from the same communities as the young people in OST programs.

Extending Program Culture to Youth Workers

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs features prominently in OST program culture. Ensuring that young people get their needs met and are supported to self-actualize in welcoming learning environments is paramount. As burnout and turnover continue to leave programs understaffed, many providers and intermediaries are doubling down on extending this culture of care and community to the adults in the room.

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