Building a Thriving Out-of-School Time Workforce: What Would it Look Like if We Nailed It?

from the National AfterSchool Association

NAA went on to note thatGuaranteeing job quality creates stability in our workforce, allowing afterschool professionals to deliver high-quality programs, ultimately leading to positive youth outcomes. This concept…has been coined The OST Quality Connection.

from Learning Heroes

Seizing Collective Will for Deep Investment in Equitable Pay

“As a field we have to shift our focus toward leveraging the tools and supports that we have available, and figure out how to share them widely across our community, in order to attract more people to our field and help mitigate this workforce crisis.”

from Youth Development Executives of King County

Validating the Value of OST Expertise and Creating Pathways for Leaders of Color

“This is an incredible opportunity to honor an historically marginalized workforce.”

“As young adults we have to be making some type of livable wage, we want to have our own cars, our own homes, and we can’t do that getting paid $9–12 an hour.”

“We always looked at after school as this launching pad into a larger career, and what if after school could be the destination? What if your passion for afterschool could be a lifelong career? I think that’s a beautiful vision.”

Extending Program Culture to Youth Workers

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