Building Better Summers: Using the Wallace Foundation’s Summer Learning Toolkit to Strengthen Programs and Communities

Getting to Work on Summer Learning, 2nd Ed.
Summer Learning Toolkit

“Participation in the NSLP has allowed Boston After School & Beyond to rapidly scale the impact and reach of summer learning in the City of Boston, turning our city into a classroom,” Wil Cardwell, Boston Beyond’s Director of Summer Learning, reflected.

Boston Summer Attendance Tracker Guidance

“Increasing access to enrichment is crucial for helping students recover from the pandemic,” said Boston Beyond Executive Director Chris Smith. “We are excited to contribute to this statewide approach and support Boston’s youth development programs.”

Rochester Summer Program Catalog
from the Rochester Summer Staff Handbook

“The focus has been on learning loss and interventions to address this,” noted GRASA Director Chris Dandino, who also shared that there’s an expanding perspective among Rochester families as they grapple with COVID, racism and social injustice, economic insecurity and rising violence: safe and enriching learning environments that prioritize SEL are highly valued alongside academic gains.

Summer Program Reflection Tool



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