Want to Know the Future of Afterschool? Ask a Young Person.

“Tired. Stressed. Overwhelmed. Anxious.”

These were among the first words heard by attendees of the 2021 Every Hour Counts National Conference. Some of the words that came next were, “Excited and happy. Curious where this will go. Determined.”

  1. Selflessly encourage and facilitate
  2. Believe in the relationship [between youth and adults]
  3. Recruit youth and acknowledge their labor with compensation
  4. Trust youth to dominate decision making
  5. Make time and space (physical and emotional) available
  6. Recognize individuality
  7. Communicate with and support families with resources
  8. Remove stigma around age
  9. Give youth control to create accessible programs

(Youthprise and Every Hour Counts committed $4,000 in seed money to the ideas that came out of the youth summit and called on other organizations to follow suit.)

Throughout the conference, youth speakers helped their adult counterparts understand that their role is not so much to supervise as to support and advise — because young people are already doing incredible things, as they demonstrated in workshop after workshop.

Cole: “Nothing about us without us.”

Walter: “It’s not rocket science.”



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Every Hour Counts

Every Hour Counts


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